The Mega Giveaway for Self-Publishers

Hey folks, there’s lots of good stuff up for grabs in this giveaway FOR authors. Check it out. 🙂

Layered Pages

Follow your dreams (1)

Enter giveawayHERE

Giveaway Package: 

PRIZE #1: Book Doggy Preferred Placement Promotion (3 WINNERS)

Three lucky winners will each receive 1 Preferred Placement eBook Promotion through Book Doggy. The Preferred Placement Promotion allows authors to massively promote their free, almost-free or new release ebooks through, various social media pages, and the BookDoggy email newsletter.

PRIZE #2: Lulu Press Proof Copy (2 WINNERS)

Hey there, author! here. Just the first digital print on demand self-publishing company in the game. Have we got a prize for you! Two winners will each get a coupon code good for 1 free proof copy of their book! Just head over to, upload your manuscript, publish your book, and enter the code at checkout!

PRIZE #3: Archangel Ink Digital Formatting Services (2 WINNERS)

Archangel Ink is offering two authors digital formatting services for their manuscripts, worth $325. We’ll format your finished…

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New Book Available! Coloring for All Ages, and More!

coloring book front cover for webYou may have heard that the National Park Service had a big birthday this year. It turned 100 just last week! And to celebrate, Mr. Pish released a new book – it’s an all-ages activity book with coloring pages for kids and adults, as well as lots of puzzles, including crosswords, mazes, jumbles, and more.

The book sold out on the first day (not as impressive as it sounds, trust me!) – but then the printer had a glitch and couldn’t restock for nearly a week! Ugh! Not the best launch one could ask for. But we’re getting up, brushing off the dirt, and trying to start all over again, hoping that we can regain the awesome momentum we had before “the glitch.” Sounds like something that happens before the apocalypse. Well, it kind of felt like an apocalypse for that week, as people who purchased the book informed me their orders had been cancelled because it was sold out and out of stock. Oy.

All that aside, please check out this video – it’s fun and short and gives you an idea what the book is like. Then, if you’re so inclined, hop on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy or ten so that maybe I won’t end up eating an entire tub of tear-encrusted ice cream in the dark again tonight. If the book’s not your cup of tea, please feel free to share with those who might like it. Wow, that sounds an awful lot like begging. I won’t tell if you don’t. Anyway, enjoy the video, and thanks for your support!

Book’s official web page:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Automatic link takes you to your Amazon Store:

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Publishing Scam

If you’re an author, or know one, please make sure to have them check out this information on publishing scams. The sharks are out there, and they’re circling you.

Jens Thoughts

scam-alert-picI don’t think I’ve ever posted about publishing scams, but we all know they are out there. I’m a subscriber to Indies Unlimited and they reached out asking if I would post this information concerning new scams. Since we are all writers, I thought it would be a good post.

Many Independent Authors Have Escaped from Predatory Publishing

Arlington, VA (April 7) – More than a quarter of independent authors who responded to a recent survey at said they definitely had, or might have, fallen victim to a predatory publisher before turning to self-publishing. The survey results were published on the blog this week.

Indies Unlimited conducted the unscientific survey as part of its #PublishingFoul series, which featured true stories from scammed authors throughout the month of March.

“Although our 115 respondents were self-selected, I think our results are pretty accurate,” said staff writer and former journalist Lynne Cantwell…

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Publishing Scammers Are Everywhere

Indies Unlimited FOULED logoThat’s right. It’s sad, but true. There are people out there trying to suck authors dry of their hard-earned money. These predators include publishers, editors, agents, and more. It’s hard to know who the good guys are sometimes, especially for newbie authors.

Indies Unlimited is running a special during the month of March (yeah, I know, I’m late), featuring articles and guest posts about scammers and their victims. Make sure to check it out, and please share and spread the word, so we can hopefully prevent others from being scammed. You can find a running update of everything in the #PublishingFoul series here:

And please, even if you have NOT been a victim, please take a moment to complete and share our #PublishingFoul Scammer Survey. It’s fast, easy, anonymous, and free – and you don’t have to log in to anything to take it. We’re hoping to get a big response on this so we can take it to the media. Raising awareness is the only way we can stop these scammers. Thanks for your help.

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Creamy Polenta & Vegetable Medley

Welcome to another episode of “I ate it so you wouldn’t have to.” #glutenfree #foodreview

Gluten-Free Gusto Blog

IMG_4360 creamy polentaThis dish by Eating Right is described in small type on the package as creamy polenta and vegetable blend topped with Marsala sauce. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this. The first time I tried it, I assumed by the photo on the package front – which is loaded with diced tomatoes and sprinkled with melty cheese – that it was going to taste like tomato sauce. But instead I got the Marsala sauce, which has a little sweetness to it that just doesn’t seem right with this dish. I thought maybe that since I was expecting one thing but got something else, that might have been my issue with this.

So, I tried it again. This time I added some cooked, cubed chicken for a little more protein. I feel the same way about it. I really think it would be better with tomato sauce (and I’m…

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Liberte Gluten Free Coconut Yogurt

Oh my, this is the good stuff. Tastes like a decadent dessert, not yogurt, & it’s #glutenfree #yum

Gluten-Free Gusto Blog

476 liberte coconutIf you love coconut but hate yogurt, this is the snack for you. That’s right, you can hate yogurt, but that’s okay – because this is not like any yogurt you’ve ever had. This is quite possibly one of my best discoveries so far.

For starters, this doesn’t taste like yogurt. It’s smooth and creamy and light – with none of that nasty yogurt tang. There’s lots of real coconut mixed in with it – no need to stir. It’s not a gross fruit on the bottom kind of deal.

Since it’s not like regular yogurt, and in fact – more like a dessert, Liberte is a bit higher in calories and fat (doy, that’s why it tastes so good!). Still healthy, however: no added color, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and it contains 8 grams of protein and 5 different strains of live and cultures – it’s totally…

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LARABAR Apple Pie Snack Bar

Like apples? Want a quick & easy gluten-free snack? Larabar has one for you. #glutenfree #apples

Gluten-Free Gusto Blog

IMG_5721 lara bar applie pieOkay, this LARABAR Apple Pie snack bar definitely tastes appley (Yes, that is NOW a word). The consistency is decent, with just the right amount of almonds and walnuts. But there is something about it I just can’t put my finger on. No big deal.

Gluten-free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO, vegan, and Kosher. Hard to go wrong with that combination. Only 6 ingredients. Back to nature. I got this on sale for 99 cents. I’d say if you see them at that price, grab them. They’re great for airplane or car travel and days out sightseeing. Or just for a snack in between meals.

More at

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