Patriotic Chicken.


Kat:  Hey Kim, how was your 4th?

Kim: Well, pretty good, except I got food poisoning from the curry chicken.

Kat: ok, wait a minute – curry chicken on 4th of july is completely unAmerican.  tell them to knock that off
Kim: i agree, i guess they were trying to be multi-cultural
Kat: tell them to stop it or i will report them to the patriotic food police LOL
Kim: that’s a good one
Kat: i will check the web site for the acceptable food listing LOL
Kat: let’s see – they say under chicken that fried is ok
Kat: bbq is DEFINITELY ok

Kim: let me know so i can fax it to them
Kat: chicken salad is good – just don’t leave it out too long – mayo, you know
Kim: true, true
Kat: chicken breast sandwiches are ok
Kim: nothing on curry huh?
Kim: listening to my mom, it’s excellent she said
Kat: even marinated grilled chicken is ok
Kat: and hot wings are definitely good
Kat: well, under UNACCEPTABLE foods is
Kat: curry chicken, chicken chow-mein, kung pao chicken, or any chicken dish with the word general in it
Kat: chicken with yogurt is NOT in as it is just wrong

Kim: ok, i have to let her know
Kat: other acceptable chicken dishes are: pulled chicken sandwiches, deep fried entire chickens with a beer in them
Kim: andrea said is rotisserie acceptable
Kat: yes, that’s kind of the same as bbq or grilled
Kim: passed it on
Kat: chicken parmesan and chicken cacciatore are NOT accepable, they say those are italian NOT american
Kat: and certainly NO chicken soup
Kat: and no, mcnuggets don’t count since they are NOT chicken

Kim: right, those are just fillers.
Kat: there is also a place on the website where you can apply in advance for a “patriotic cookout certification” by supplying them with information about your cookout
Kim: what site is this?
Kat: lol…none, i made it all up  O:-)
Kat: Kim?  Are you there? 


Footnote:  Kim didn’t speak to me for a few days.  Despite that, I still strongly believe in Patriotic Foods on July 4th.


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