Review: Hotel & Restaurant in Morris, Manitoba



Morris Stampede Inn
400 Main Street
Morris, MB, Canada R0G 1K0

There are two hotels in Morris, MB, a small town south of Winnipeg on the way to the U.S. Border. Cold, tired, hungry, and annoyed with Winnipeg’s unkind rush hour traffic, we pulled into the Morris Stampede Inn.

Lynn greeted us. She was courteous, helpful and friendly, and had no problem contacting the owner about moving us when our first pet room smelled of cigarettes. Our new room was fresh, big and clean, and again, no bed bugs. When it was time for dinner, it was too cold (-29 degrees F) to leave Mr. Pish in the car while we ate, so we opted for take-out to bring back to the room. Lynn recommended Kam Loon just down the street. Again, she came through for us!

I recall being disappointed in the morning when I didn’t get to say good-bye to Lynn. So, if you stay at the Morris Stampede Inn, please tell her we say hi!

KAM LOON Restaurant
119 Main Street
Morris, MB, Canada R0G 1K0

I tried to call Kam Loon to place a take-out order using my cell phone. I was very surprised that my trusty Verizon cell phone did not work there. I hadn’t had that problem anywhere else in Canada. So I drove north a few blocks from the hotel to the restaurant and placed my order in person. The staff was friendly, the restaurant was clean and the food was made fresh. There was an absolutely stunning piece of silk embroidery hanging on the wall behind the counter. The nice lady who took my order kept coming out of the kitchen to tell me it would be just a little longer, albeit the amount of time it was taking was not unreasonable. I was the only person in the restaurant.

When I got back to the hotel room, I handed David his Combination C Beef Chow Mein and dug into my Combination D Beef Chop Suey. FYI, all the combination plates (4 of them) were beef. But I’m not complaining. In fact, we were surprised and glad the portions were big because it was really, really good. After a frigid day with an even colder Manitoba wind whipping through us, this hot, hearty and delicious meal was a perfect pick-me-up!


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