Review: Hotel & Restaurant in Osseo, WI


Osseo, Wisconsin

Osseo Inn
Exit 88 off I-94
Osseo, Wisconsin 54758

I would sum up the Osseo Inn this way: strange but friendly. Strange – this rather large hotel was made entirely of concrete and cinder blocks. The hallways were cold and a little eerie, but the room was fine. Friendly – the gentleman behind the counter was helpful in choosing somewhere to eat dinner, and suggested up front that I use the internet in the breakfast area since the concrete building hindered the signal in our room. His dinner suggestion was absolutely fabulous, and later I discovered that the internet in the room worked just fine – as long as I stayed by the window. (And I had originally accessed the signal in the breakfast room which I believe helped.)

The room was clean, affordable and pet friendly. We left too early the next morning to check out the continental breakfast.

Norske Nook Restaurant and Bakery
13408 W. 7th Street
Osseo, Wisconsin 54758

I’d say “uff da!” but apparently it can also mean bad things. I’d use it as in “holy smokes!” or “eureka!” because the Norse Nook was an oasis of fun and the place I was glad to find for dinner.

The good-natured waitresses sported traditional Norwegian attire and the menu was loaded with home-cooked treats. Being a purist, of course my order could only include authentic Norwegian food, and our waitress, Jada, advised me well. I was in heaven with my meatball lefse. A lefse is a wrap like soft tortilla but it supposedly contains a lot of corn. It coddled meatballs, gravy and mashed potatoes within its warm envelope. David had the soup and a Northwoods wrap which was a lefse filled with broiled white fish. To finish things off, we shared a piece of lingonberry apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top (traditionally Norwegian, of course). Jada said that “it tastes like Christmas.” I’m not even a Christian but I knew what she meant the moment I bit into it: Christmas indeed.

For a wonderfully fun, delicious and affordable experience you won’t forget, try the Norske Nook. We enjoyed it so much that we headed back the next morning for breakfast but were about an hour too early, so we hit the road. Farvel, sweet Norske Nook!


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