Review: Hotel & Restaurant in Gettysburg, PA


Comfort Inn
871 York Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Again, the hotel travel coupon guide came in very handy getting us a nice hotel at a phenomenal price. Erica greeted us as we checked in and tried to help us figure out why their systems couldn’t find our rewards program membership. She was absolutely super. Be forewarned – although this hotel is pet-friendly – the pet fee is $20. But I have to say, even with that pet fee – the fact that we had the coupon still brought the price to less than most of the other hotels that we’d been to. And this hotel was indeed nice. Again, the safe “service fee” came into play, and when all was said and done, the credit ended up being $2.64 which may not sound like much but can add up if you’re not paying attention. With nice, clean, usually pet-friendly hotels and great prices, we began thinking Comfort Inn was the way to go.

Lincoln Diner
32 Carlisle Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1800

A good friend of mine who lived in Gettysburg for a few years recommended the Lincoln Diner. Sweet. However, I’m completely spacing it over what I ate. Unfortunately, they don’t have a website where I can refresh my memory. I do remember the menu to be huge, the prices reasonable, and my dinner excellent. It was classic diner ambiance outside with a shiny aluminum and neon-lit façade, and a long, fantastic countertop inside. I was a little disappointed with the Boston Crème pie for dessert because with my wheat sensitivity I was expecting a cream pie – not a cake. And it was cake – two huge layers – with a tiny layer of cream between them and a film of dark chocolate glaze on top. If I hadn’t have been lazy, I would and should have gotten up to look at the dessert case before ordering. I would have seen that the cheesecakes were sans crust and would have fit my needs. Oh well. As we were leaving at around 9 pm, patrons were streaming into the diner. In Gettysburg, this was the place to be!


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  1. yeah I coulda wrote that better.. lol jk! I was really impressed with your blog and I must say, you are a pretty good writer my friend.

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