Review: Motel & Restaurant in Dover, DE


Comfort Inn
222 S. DuPont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901

Ah, another inexpensive pet-friendly Comfort Inn. This one, however, did not include a mini-fridge, so we had to get ice for our cooler. The ice machine in our building was broken, so David had to walk to the next one over for it. From looking at my photos, the room was large and clean. Again, no bed bugs. Hurray. We were able to park right in front of our room which, for the amount of luggage we had, and with the freezing rain, was very convenient. I apologize that this review is so short. I can’t remember anything bad about the place, which is good.

T.G.I. Fridays
222 S. DuPont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901

I checked online to see if TGI Fridays had a gluten-free menu since they were conveniently located in the same parking lot as our hotel. Although I don’t recall finding one, I did find a coupon for $5 off a $20 expenditure. Since I didn’t have a printer, I wrote down the coupon code on a piece of paper and took it to the restaurant. I showed it to the waitress as we were seated and she said it was fine to use the code instead of the coupon. Sweet!

The best deal seemed to be the 3-course dinners at fixed prices. David had the fried mozzarella, the dragon salmon and the vanilla cheesecake for $16.99. I had the pot stickers, cheeseburger (sans bun) and vanilla cheesecake for $12.99. Frankly, the appetizers filled us up pretty well so when the entrees came, we couldn’t finish them, nor did we have room for our desserts. I’m not a big fan of chains by any means, but I do have to admit – this food was good. (I’d expected them to make the portions smaller to fit the price tag – but they didn’t.)

The bill came to $32.57 before tip (one soda for David cost $2.59) – and when I pulled out the coupon code I was told that the 3 course meals are already so cheap that they couldn’t allow us to use the coupon. Of course I didn’t have the coupon with me so I couldn’t see any fine print telling me what the coupon was eligible for. So I handed the coupon code to the table next to us. It was the second time this trip that discount thing happened to us. But, in this case as well, the amount of food (as well as the quality) was worth the non-discounted price. We ended up eating the leftovers and the cheesecake for lunch the next day, making the meal a good value.


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