Review: Jacob Lake Inn, Arizona


Jacob Lake Inn
Jacob Lake, AZ 86022

It was my second time at the Jacob Lake Inn – the first time was 10 years ago with my best friend on our cross-country adventure. It seemed like such a coincidence at the time, but I guess it wasn’t after all, since there is literally nothing else for miles around.

The Jacob Lake Inn pretty much IS the town of Jacob Lake. It’s the hotel, the local store, the bakery, the post office, the restaurant, the gas station and art gallery. So if you’re hungry…this is the place.

David ordered the popular Bull & Onion burger. I ordered the cranberry cream cheese chicken sandwich without the bread. We had hot tea before our meals – which wasn’t so hot – so we had to send them back to be reheated. The service was pretty slow. Some patrons who came in after us waited probably 15 minutes to receive their menus. It seemed as if they were short-staffed, or perhaps since it was off-season they weren’t prepared for the 3 parties which came in at nearly the same time just after 12 noon on this day.

By the way, in the ten years it had been since I’d last visited, absolutely nothing there had changed. I know this because we had time to walk the entire store area before our meals were delivered to the counter.

Both meals came with French fries which were very good. David said his hamburger was “okay.” My chicken was good, but I was a little surprised that the “cranberry cream cheese” portion of it came in little plastic cups – one for the homemade cranberry relish, another prepackaged courtesy of Philadelphia cream cheese. Despite that, it was a very tasty combination, and I had no complaints.

The bill, with tip, came to just over $25. I was surprised to discover that our not-so-hot teas (for which we never received refills) were $2.25 each. I thought that was a little pricey for an 8 ounce cup of water.

In any case, if you’re by the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, I definitely recommend you at least stop in to the Jacob Lake Inn. There aren’t too many other places like it.


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