Review: Montego Bay Buffet in Wendover NV

Montego Bay Casino
100 Wendover Boulevard
West Wendover, NV 89883

Call it a whim, but David wanted to eat at a casino buffet. So when he saw the Montego Bay Casino as we crossed into Nevada, he swerved the car into the parking lot and we headed in.

We weren’t expecting to be bombarded with near pitch blackness, mirrors, neon and cigarette smoke. I’ve been to casinos in Vegas and Deadwood – but nothing like this. It was wild (see photos below). Once our eyes adjusted, we got in line for the buffet. We tried to find a table under a vent in hopes of being victim to less cigarette smoke. Sitting down in the high back booth did seem to help.

There was an amazing plethora of food. To the far left was the “meat” section with roast beef, chicken, a few kinds of fish, some southwest dishes and frankly, too much food to remember. The side dishes were to the right of that. Since I can’t eat most of those (due to wheat intolerance), I passed them over. I do recall there being rice. Next was the custom made food area with chefs awaiting your order. To their left (my right), there was a breakfast bar with blintzes, bacon, eggs benedict, hash browns and the most amazingly tender chicken fried steak with a perfectly balanced flavor. It definitely rivaled the one I had at the Dinner Bucket back in Arkansas. (I know there were other foods offered but there literally was just too large a selection to be able to remember it all.) Continuing down the line was a huge bowl of tender steamed shrimp. Past that was a large salad bar. I didn’t particularly care for the dressings I tried. I thought they were tangy and overpowering, but that’s just a personal opinion. The dessert cases were loaded with cheesecakes, red velvet cake, puddings, pies, brownies, mousse cakes, jello, jello with things in it, parfaits and crème brulee. I went for the latter while David tried one of the cheesecakes which he said was good.

Overall, the food was fresh, well prepared, tasty and it seemed to us that you could satisfy any palate at this buffet. There was far more food and variety than any one person could possibly want. At around $15/person, it was worth the experience.


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