Review: Sleep Inn of Mountain Home, ID

Sleep Inn
1180 U.S. 20
Mountain Home, ID 83647

We arrived at the Sleep Inn just in time. Almost immediately a line formed behind us for check-in. The young lady behind the counter was super nice and efficient, and in no time we were off to our room next to the back door. Being close to an exit is very convenient when you’re traveling with a dog. It’s not so great when the people in the room next to you are going out to their car every 5 minutes and letting the door slam shut as they go in and out.

The room was very clean and free of bed bugs. The internet worked. After a long day on the road, we both wanted a cup of hot tea, but the water in the carafes in the breakfast area was tepid. David went to the front desk to ask if they had real hot water somewhere, and within moments the nice young lady from the front desk called our room to let us know there was a coffee machine with hotter water up front. How nice is that?

We were very comfortable at the pet-friendly Sleep Inn. Mr. Pish’s pet fee was $10. Including that, the whole stay cost under $90. Unfortunately the discount hotel coupon booklet didn’t offer any savings in this city.


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