Interview with Special Agent Kathrin Night

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Today I’m here with Kathrin Night, the creation of novelist K. S. Brooks, introduced to the world back in 2001 in the action-adventure thriller Lust for Danger.  The former Special Agent has worked in the field with and for the FBI, CIA, MI6, NYPD, U.N. and Naval Intelligence.  The novels The Kiss of Night and Night Undone document her exploits since leaving that life in New York City behind back in 2009.

Seedsower:  Miss Night, thanks for being here today.

Night:  That’s AGENT Night, please.

Seedsower:  Okay, sorry about that.  But I thought you were retired.

Night:  Not really.  I’m just temporarily sidelined with an injury.

Seedsower:  That injury, you incurred that in the line of duty?

Night:  That’s correct.

Seedsower:  And that’s why you’ve relocated to the Pacific Northwest – to convalesce?

Night:  That’s correct.

Seedsower:  You’re not big on expounding, are you?

Night:  No.

Seedsower:  Okay then…  I’m familiar with your adventures in Lust for Danger The Kiss of Night, and  Night Undone. Can you tell me a little bit about those?

Night:  In Lust for Danger, I’m really just getting started as an agent with the B.I.T.A.

Seedsower:   B.I.T.A. – that’s the Bureau of International Trauma Analysts – right?

Night:  Correct.  They’re the research arm of the United Nations Security Council – they gather information on crisis situations around the globe and advise possible solutions.

Seedsower:   But you had a problem with just gathering information.

Night:  I have a problem with terrorists.

Seedsower:   Right – what I’m saying is, you had a tendency to engage them, not just report on them.

Night:  What’s your point?

Seedsower:    Well I could see how a peacekeeping organization might have an issue with that kind of…violence.

Night:  Let me ask you something– if you saw a terrorist preparing to launch an attack,
would you invite him to chat or would you stop him?

Seedsower:    Point taken.  But your use of deadly force has been labeled as excessive…

Night:  I was exonerated each time.

SeedsowerLust for Danger is the first book in the Adventure Series era of your life.
Tell me a little bit about this series.

Night:  The Agent Night Adventure Series follows me during the height of my career as an anti-terrorist agent, from the late 1990s through 2009.  I track down leads around the world, many to exotic locations.

Seedsower:    An example of those locations?

Night:  In Lust for Danger, I travel to the Amazon rain forest, the jungles of India, to Paris, Ethiopia, and my home base in New York City. In the sequel to Lust for Danger, my pursuit of justice takes me to the Nubbin Desert in the Sudan, London, Vienna, and the Falkland Islands, to name a few.

Seedsower:    In the “Cover Me” Series, you don’t travel as much.

Night:  The Cover Me Series presents different challenges for me. I’ve got to deal with my shattered ankle, and trying to revive my career.

Seedsower:    Aren’t you leaving something out?

Night:  As in?

Seedsower:    You know – that big Russian guy – former FSB Agent – your drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend?

Night:  Boyfriend?  I’m not 16.  Even when I was 16 I didn’t have a boyfriend.  Aleksey’s  my partner.

Seedsower:   Things didn’t start off so well for you two in The Kiss of Night.

Night:  It was to be expected.  I’m sure I would have resented being pulled out of active duty to bodyguard someone as an attempt to even up a debt.

Seedsower:   Even up a debt?

Night:  The Russian Minister of Defense had the FSB send Aleksey – their top agent – to protect me while I was still walking with a cane.  I think the Minister felt like he owed me since I’d saved his life a couple of years earlier.  I told them it wasn’t necessary – the last thing I wanted was an angry Russian goon following me around.

Seedsower:  Yes, I remember that.  A lot is revealed about your past in The Kiss of Night.  How do you feel about that?

Night:  I really don’t care for it.  I don’t like people knowing anything about my past.  My secrets are meant to stay buried.

Seedsower:   Is that why you have such a hard time talking to Dr. Scully in Night Undone?

Night:   I don’t need a shrink.  I need to get back to work.

Seedsower:   You don’t think talking to a psychiatrist would be helpful? 

Night:  No.

Seedsower:  But you go anyway.

Night:  I agreed to.  And I always keep my word.

Seedsower:  What does the future hold for you? 

Night:  The sequel to Lust for Danger recounts one of my assignments from 2005 – that should be going into editing by the end of this year – there’s a lot of hardcore action in that one.  It’s good stuff.  The sequel to Night Undone is brewing – the past year of my life has been…different.

Seedsower:   You sound annoyed with the latter.

Night:  I just want to get back to work.

Seedsower:  Correct me if I’m wrong– but wouldn’t you consider what you did in Night Undone at the Vancouver Winter Olympics “work”?

Night:  Theoretically or technically?

Seedsower:  You’re extremely literal.  Do you find that people have a problem with that?

Night:  It’s not my problem if they do.  I say what I mean.

Seedsower:  Do you think that’s why kids like you?

Night:  I don’t know why children like me.

Seedsower:  You don’t think it has something to do with the fact you read to them quite often at United Nations literacy events?

Night:  I don’t think about it.

Seedsower:    Then why do you do it?

Night:  Children don’t deserve to be victims.

Seedsower:    Victims?

Night:  Acts of terrorism, war, and violence – children often end up orphaned, wounded, or worse. If reading to them makes their lives better for even a few minutes, it’s worth doing.

Seedsower:   You’ve got a soft spot for kids, don’t you?

Night:  No.

Seedsower:   You built a school in Afghanistan .

Night.  I funded a school in Afghanistan.  Locals built it.

Seedsower:  Again with the literal…  Why fund a school?

Night:  Because I could.  The children in that village saved my life.  I wanted to give  something back to them.

Seedsower:   Would you fund another school somewhere else?

Night:   I’d like to.

Seedsower:  Why’s that?

Night:  Children are the future.  Hopefully kindness and education will help make the future a better place.

Seedsower:   But then people like you would be out of work.

Night:  Unfortunately, people like me will never be out of work.  But I like the thought.

Seedsower:   You smiled. 

Night:  So?

Seedsower:  Well your seriousness sort of makes interviewing you a little…awkward.

Night:  I’m a doer, not a talker, really.

Seedsower:   And you always do what’s right.

Night:  Yes.  Mostly.  Pretty much.

Seedsower:  Pretty much?

Night:  Sometimes the path to‘right’ isn’t a straight line.

Seedsower:  But you always get the job done.

Night:  I always give it my best.

Seedsower:    What’s your biggest fear?

Night:  That I won’t get there in time.

Seedsower:  In time for what?

Night:  To stop the bad thing that’s going to happen.

Seedsower:  Because?

Night:  Innocent people will suffer.

Seedsower:  I see.  There are clues in the Cover Me Series that there have been a few instances where you didn’t make it there in time.  You seem to carry the guilt from those.

Night:  Now you sound like my shrink.  Is there a question in there?

Seedsower:   Do you think that’s why you’re having the flashbacks?

Night:  This is why I don’t like that K. S. Brooks woman writing about me. My flashbacks are my business until I decide to reveal them.

Seedsower:  Don’t you think you should tell Dr. Scully about them?  She is a professional.

Night:  I haven’t decided that yet.

Seedsower:   You have a lot going on:  trying to get back into the industry, that bad ankle, flashbacks, having a new partner, the changing world of security– if you don’t talk about it, how do you deal with all this?

Night:  Shooting things almost always makes me feel better.

Seedsower:  Well, I think now would be a good time to conclude this interview. Thanks for being here, Agent Night.  

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